Thursday, 4 June 2015

Qixi Jie

Why thee call me an ox, Niulang?
Taurus, a star in the sky,
Disclosing a secret unto thee –
Wheat straw, corn and alfalfa
Gracing, feeding and ogling at
Not knowing the rest by the pond,
Giggling angels unfurling fun
Indeed a breath taking spectacle
A new chapter for thee Niulang,
To be under the spell of fairies
An idea dawns on for
Weaving a new yarn
Perestroika to win thee
Stealing the robes left for drape
Against the choppy waters
Playing hide and seek
With the rainbow clouds
An emotional articulacy
Exuding jealous in air
Frothy waters do magic on pair
Standing dumb for long
It’s Zhinu’s turn forlorn
Breathe a dawn, thee Niulang
Why challenging thine eyes
That mirror thy hearts?
A love blooms in the pond at last
And grows tall to smooch eternal home
Hugging glory defying Nature
A call for a Prelude to Happiness.

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