Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dear Petrarch

Laura, Oh Laura
I hear a call
A voice, not familiar,
Shudders me to a halt
Anxiety grows –
Let me know who you are
A shifting breeze lifts me high
I go hither and thither
Like a feather in air
‘Tis a journey on clouds,
Counting stars makes me proud,
The wind of change drives me far
And left by a window
With no curtain drawn
I crane my neck for full view
‘Tis not an old wive’s tale for you
A sunny look with
A bunch of curls on
Laura, oh Laura
Echoes thro’ parted lips,
The aquiline nose
And dark black hair
Is it Petrarch, my love?
How blessed, I’m here
Watching you slumbering
Don’t draw a veil over
Your small speaking eyes
When will you welcome me?
With the dark pink lips
That hide the dancing tongue,
That steal the hearts of young
Who beg to smile and befriend,
Uf! Let me part with a kiss
For, it is Heaven’s call not to miss

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