Thursday 23 July 2015


Why thou pine for Penelope,
When Calypso, thy love, sings soulful notes?
In tune with weaving on her loom
‘Wine and dine’ and grieve not
As long as thou stay by me here
‘Tis too short to breathe long
Go and shake thy legs in midst of nubile gals
Forget the past around a blazing fire
High upon a hill top against the bay
At the mouth of a dark cave
Which go mesmerizing the passers-by
To die for a merry-go-round.

Wednesday 8 July 2015


A roaring thunder heard
With a new lightning flash
An azure sky opens up
For all thy delight, yet
A Delphic oracle to thy surprise
Remember, how thou, once
Bewitched by thy maiden
Cydippe, a svelte Athenian
At the temple Delos
Amidst the hanging flowers
Sprinkling perfumes all thy path
A sweet, gentle breeze
Lifts thee for a touching treat
An apple being set to roll down
The smitten eyes not fail to catch up
At the very close of my feet
‘I swear by Artemis
That I will marry
Acontius’, it goes
A solemn, thus declared
How foxy thy role played
In the game of life,
Where the trapping of hearts
Be the custom of the young.

Thursday 2 July 2015


Why ‘re thee like Sisyphus
Rolling a rock to the top
Of a hill non-stop?
Would it not be alluring
To see the low-hanging fruits?
Water recedes at thy thirst
And fruits climb up, when hungry
Why are thee in a lake?
The world, where the wickeds rot,
Gather thy spirit
And ask the Gods for reason
What mistake is thine
To steal the manna for the world?
There were feasts while thy meet,
There were secrets at thy greet,
Let them not punish thee in thy court
For the undaunted spirit
To help and be helped,
Where a real joy stays in.

Thursday 25 June 2015


Play thy lyre for the third time
As thou did in the case of monsters,
When they plotted to wreck a ship
And don’t kiss thy defeat so gentle
‘Tis not easy to play thy lyre,
When thou heart fight with thy mind
To explore the mind and catch the spirits

Play thy lyre for the third time
As thou did like Apollo
Oh, my love, blessed art the souls
That hear thee make a soulful rendition
Will thou make the beasts move
As if engrossed in thy emotive territories?

Play thy lyre for the third time
To stoke my dying fire
Will thou recall thy words?
And say, ‘come here Euridice’,
I lost thy grip twice
‘T was a second death
Yet, if I get one more chance
To lure the world….

Play thy lyre for the third time
Will thou hear a call from Nether world?
‘Tis utopia, where thou live in
Tread softly on thy path
I follow thee at thou call
To make a journey thro’ caves
Of darkness to touch the light
Amidst a killing silence
‘Tis a joy walking with thee by my side
To explore the dulcet tones
That enthrall the ghosts into tears.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

To Cyrano

Here is Roxane addressing
From the balcony to a handsome devil,
When fog strikes the eyes
And verses speak to heart
Curse cupid for the cause
Eyes and heart can’t part
Yet mind has the power to trawl
Love doesn’t see an art in parts
‘Tis crime in bartering arts
For beauty starts only from thoughts
Words doth have the power to extol
Like the creepers that grow tall
The tongue goes against the norm
And breaks my heart to face the storm
Will you gather your Chutzpah
To dote and quote from stanzas?
For expunging and re-writing our history
Not to extend a life of mystery
‘Tis a challenge standing
Face-to-face planting a kiss on
And to draw hearts on a stone
That stands tall for eternity.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Hi Dhola,

The clouds of colours billow up in air,
Do you know, how my emotions tear
on watching colours of every hues?
Red, pink, green, blue and yellow –
Will they paint colours into life?

Oh parrot, will you let me see my love?
The prince of Narwar, who
made vows to fire, holding hands
of mine, when we were small
and now I regret for his absence

Oh parrot, will you meet him
and ask, why my messages
are left without any reply?
‘Tis a thrill to colour and be coloured,
While celebrating the end of Winter gloom
And rejoicing the spring bloom

Oh parrot, will you demand justice
from my Prince for my plight?
Tell him, what does the custom say?
Remind him of his duty,
if he doesn’t know what’s next.

Oh parrot, will you tell him
the tales of the famous couples?
Who share both their joys
and sorrows under one roof,
Where the bliss of marital life lives in

Oh parrot, tell my prince
that this is Maaru,
The princess of Poogal
Who pines for her love
and love only from her husband.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Dear Petrarch

Laura, Oh Laura
I hear a call
A voice, not familiar,
Shudders me to a halt
Anxiety grows –
Let me know who you are
A shifting breeze lifts me high
I go hither and thither
Like a feather in air
‘Tis a journey on clouds,
Counting stars makes me proud,
The wind of change drives me far
And left by a window
With no curtain drawn
I crane my neck for full view
‘Tis not an old wive’s tale for you
A sunny look with
A bunch of curls on
Laura, oh Laura
Echoes thro’ parted lips,
The aquiline nose
And dark black hair
Is it Petrarch, my love?
How blessed, I’m here
Watching you slumbering
Don’t draw a veil over
Your small speaking eyes
When will you welcome me?
With the dark pink lips
That hide the dancing tongue,
That steal the hearts of young
Who beg to smile and befriend,
Uf! Let me part with a kiss
For, it is Heaven’s call not to miss