Wednesday, 17 June 2015

To Cyrano

Here is Roxane addressing
From the balcony to a handsome devil,
When fog strikes the eyes
And verses speak to heart
Curse cupid for the cause
Eyes and heart can’t part
Yet mind has the power to trawl
Love doesn’t see an art in parts
‘Tis crime in bartering arts
For beauty starts only from thoughts
Words doth have the power to extol
Like the creepers that grow tall
The tongue goes against the norm
And breaks my heart to face the storm
Will you gather your Chutzpah
To dote and quote from stanzas?
For expunging and re-writing our history
Not to extend a life of mystery
‘Tis a challenge standing
Face-to-face planting a kiss on
And to draw hearts on a stone
That stands tall for eternity.

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