Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hi Dhola,

The clouds of colours billow up in air,
Do you know, how my emotions tear
on watching colours of every hues?
Red, pink, green, blue and yellow –
Will they paint colours into life?

Oh parrot, will you let me see my love?
The prince of Narwar, who
made vows to fire, holding hands
of mine, when we were small
and now I regret for his absence

Oh parrot, will you meet him
and ask, why my messages
are left without any reply?
‘Tis a thrill to colour and be coloured,
While celebrating the end of Winter gloom
And rejoicing the spring bloom

Oh parrot, will you demand justice
from my Prince for my plight?
Tell him, what does the custom say?
Remind him of his duty,
if he doesn’t know what’s next.

Oh parrot, will you tell him
the tales of the famous couples?
Who share both their joys
and sorrows under one roof,
Where the bliss of marital life lives in

Oh parrot, tell my prince
that this is Maaru,
The princess of Poogal
Who pines for her love
and love only from her husband.

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