Thursday, 7 August 2014

Genghis Khan


Dark sky retreats,
When the sun smiles
With golden wings
Lonely Kherlen murmurs
On the hooves of horses
Armor-clad men
With folded fists
And closed eyes
Call Tengri on lips –
‘A man from the sky’
Roars on horseback
‘No more delay guys’
For the battle of Wushabao
Stand on hind legs
Raising the front hooves
Neighs of horses heard of
Uf! It’s a journey
Thro’ jungle and
Blurred in dust till
They leave a trail,
Beat of the drums
Stokes fire in hearts
Of the dauntless
‘To begin thy history’
With the Jin armies
Swords clash and
Break peace everywhere
A few fly in air
Tumbling down those
Who are lost here?
The advancing troops
Feeling full numb
To tread on bodies
Strewn on ground
‘Victory’ is the chanting
The rest turns a deaf ear
Paying no heed to the
Blood oozing from wound
A robotic move, indeed,
Towards the enemy
‘Make a pincer move’
‘Attack’ from right wing,
A command unleashes
Volleys of arrows
A tough battle
A win-win is called for
Countless men confront on both
Hark, Siege on left
And land thy flag
Celebrate the win
For the Renaissance to come.

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