Monday, 8 June 2015

Oh, Leander

Do you know, how your
Hero is smitten with your golden locks?
Pointed nose, arched eye brows
Angular jaw and high cheek bones
That add Zing to the ruddy skin
You seem not to be far from me
Why ‘re you gone with a finger’s touch?
What harm did I do to you, mirror?
Not showing me in my presence
For, I can’t stay here for long
Why is the day standing long?
And the night falls too short
To be like a wind-driven cloud
That moves swiftly across the sky,
The long-lone hours that warn me of
To the lane, in a hurry to light your way on
'Tis too late to make my way
For, you are from Hellespont to the Tower
With your long breath and sticky curls
Alas! My tension knows no bounds
If I don’t see you here by me
In darkness, with the silver moon light
Uf, what has happened to your sunny locks?
Let me towel them down from the salt
‘Tis painful to feel your smelly brawn
‘Tis painful to stand long for you by the lawn
With a long drawn face
And wrinkles pronounced
Hoping against hope for a nightly glance
Oh God! When will you answer me?

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