Friday, 21 February 2014

Bye Bye Tears

Don’t cry…
It’s a way
To know you,
It’s a thrill
To see, how you cry,

Don’t cry…
You are a
Destiny’s child,
For I have
Money to buy,

Don’t cry…
To be a part
Of a fool’s show,
Be happy that
You are safe
In a dragon’s hand,

Don’t cry…
For a wolf
In sheep’s clothing and
For a jigsaw puzzle
In your life,

Don’t cry….
For the thunder and
Lightning in your sky
Not to bring
Showers for your cry

Don’t cry…
For it’s not
Your mistake
Please do cry
Till you are
Left so dry

Don’t cry –
It’s a way
Of the world, yet
There’s a call
From a new world,
That you are not
Made to cry
For you have
Magic in your eyes,

Sorry, I won’t say
Don’t cry –
For, now, I know
It’s not a cry
To turn heads off
It’s indeed

A call for a joyride

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