Saturday, 1 March 2014

To be or not to be

Is it the lipstick? Or
The shades of mascara,
The curl on thy top and
It’s hide and seek on forehead
Cascading hair on back
A mole on thy neck
Chapped lips beg to be licked
The way you dress up-
Modern or ancient
I know not
Let me curse thy attitude
Bold in thy voice and
Sweet in thy talk
It’s not your fault
Let Him face the wrath
Hark, it’s dark
A line, you shouldn’t cross
Patriarchal, we are
Where, you should smile
But not laugh,
You may talk, but
We don’t hear,
Learn and not speak
Teach but not preach
‘know, where you are
No safe to stay, as you are
Here, you have
No choice to make and
No route to take
Be happy you fairy,
A ‘pepper spray’ you carry
Go as far as you can
To live as long as you can
It’s the fate of your design
Yet it’s not so easy as to resign.

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