Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Miss Ye My love – Happy V-Day

Valetine's Day
Sorry, you know not,
How painful it’s!
To see ye with a white devil,
Heart cries, when you do
A juggling act to woo…..
Ye don’t fit to fiddle
As ye say, ‘no’ to (crocodile) tears
‘Say Cheese’, to ambiguity
It’s photo opportunity
No caste and no cash, where
Emotions take a toll on
It’s time to shake hands
And throw a smile at
Who laugh at your fret & fume
Wiggle thro' the crowd
To make a unique path
In which, virtue ‘ll be thy view
No more lonely ye fear
A new journey is so near
Wing’d chariot hurrying here
It’d be a surprise, ye dear,
Bye to the past with a sigh
Hello, you should feel so high
Lo and behold, three cheers
Beeps at ye so close to tears

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