Thursday, 6 February 2014

To my friend

Any mirror ye ‘ve
To show how I feel for ye
Sleepless, I’m left
Not to part from
Ev’n for a second,

Your name, I hear
In the throb of my blood
As a manthra,
Wherever the eyes wand’r
Sorry, ye vanish
At a closer glance,
In my lonely hour, I seek
A pillar, oh shit
Wh’re ‘r ye?
Uf, I cry my heartout
When a door is shut,
Ye know not how ‘t pain’d,
Blind, I turn to be
Ev’n if ye ‘r dark & ….
Deaf, I go
To the voice of the world,
Mute, I’ll stand
In front of ye
Lifeless, I become
At your distance,
Give your heart to none
For, I’ve no
Home to stay,
No more shy, I’ll be
To share and ‘njoy –
Soppy, sobbing tales
Tensed, dreadful hours
Likes or dislikes,
A time, I long for
To break the mask,
And shout full-throated –
‘Together we ‘r ‘
At a dawn, when
Earth stops rolling
All stand frozen
Birds stay static

Wow, a nice shot for a camera.

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