Monday, 10 February 2014

Oh! My Love - Happy V-Day

Mind disobeys my brain
Hands and legs choose two ways
Eyes stare at an empty air
Lips talk in a husky tone
Oh, no, nothing I hear
Ye know, how light it’s
To float like a balloon
Still, ye see me so closer
No drug, no drinks, yet
Why is it to feel so drunk?
Talk, laugh and laugh, talk
Wake till the ghosts’ call
Throat and tongue cry for water
Solace sought in licking lips
No tears, no fear
No stress and no sweat
Hark, here’s your Prince charming
Voice, I hear to look back
Tall, macho, Dark
Yet handsome, ye ‘r
Long grown frizzy hair
Snakes – decorated neck
A conch-shell in left
Trident on to your right
Right leg folded and
Left leg hangs down
On the hill top, ye smile
Is it a dream or real?
Ye, Shankar, my love
No bold to see thee eye to eye
Elated, yet no word to lips
Eyes stuck to the long toes
Oh, no exit to my passion
Yet, thrill it’s, to love
And to be loved,
What’s in a name –
Be it God or Human,
See God in Human
And human in God
But Love is true
Till ye feel so deep in heart.

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