Wednesday, 8 July 2015


A roaring thunder heard
With a new lightning flash
An azure sky opens up
For all thy delight, yet
A Delphic oracle to thy surprise
Remember, how thou, once
Bewitched by thy maiden
Cydippe, a svelte Athenian
At the temple Delos
Amidst the hanging flowers
Sprinkling perfumes all thy path
A sweet, gentle breeze
Lifts thee for a touching treat
An apple being set to roll down
The smitten eyes not fail to catch up
At the very close of my feet
‘I swear by Artemis
That I will marry
Acontius’, it goes
A solemn, thus declared
How foxy thy role played
In the game of life,
Where the trapping of hearts
Be the custom of the young.

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