Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mr. Simian

Going up the tree
One by one
At a slow pace
Yet an active air
Big and small
Tall and short
A spitting image of man
But with a tail
On thy back
Alas! Half-eaten
Mangoes dropped under
And jumping to the next
In a jiffy,
‘Kurkure’ and ‘spice mixture’
From the back
Of the house
Call thy attention
At their leisure
Spilling hither and thither
While running for cover
When chased at-
Disappointed for sure
At thy grimace on top,
Curiosity beckons thee
To open the tap
In the garden
Run on toes hearing
The water down,
Fun to watch thee on
The water tank
Frolicking with each other
And the tussle with the young
Throwing water everywhere,
At dawn, like a circus swinger
Hanging on a cable
From house to house
And a dance in tune with
Moving buses on road
A real treat for all
The eyes, who follow on
At thy each step.

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