Thursday, 26 June 2014


An isolated Ashoka
Huge, in fact, with branches
Mesmerizes ye all
To bathe in fragrances
And a red-hued flowers
Indeed a feast for all
A gentle breeze caressing
Both thy body and soul
No wonder, it’s but serene
Whirr…., a sudden whirlwind
Tossing them up and down
A panic-stricken few
Make a pell-mell dash for cover
Wow, it’s Hanuman
Jumping down to Our Sita
Who is mourning under –
Ram, Ram chanting
Sweep through hearts
Is it a trick by Ravana?
No more mystery it’s !
When Hanuman unlocks
The knots one after the other
Oh, how sad! How painful it’s!
To see a rainbow hue
Yet a glint of surprise in eyes
“My Rama’s Kanayazhi”
A chant takes a toll
The voice of Rama heard
A hope of rescue to come
“Chudamani” is thy message
“Till I reach my God”
Tears choked her voice
Thus she bids thee all.

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