Monday, 28 July 2014


A cloud of dust billows up in air
As hooves of the horses beating the ground
A horse neighs with his head high
Echoing in the ears of the Princes
On horses, dressed in colourful robes
With a turban and sword
Marching to the Fort of Kannauj
A festive air cheers them all
And it’s the King Jaichand’s call
For his daughter’s swayamvaram
In a beautiful palace, where
The princes wait for their turn
Smitten Samyukta, sashays thro’ the door
Holding a garland in her arms
Lo! her eyes gleam at the statue
Stands tall near the door
Exuding confidence and chivalry
A surprise, indeed, for the eyes
Of those, who follow her so close
When her garland falls on
And Prithvi catches her up in arms
They fly thro’ the air like a storm
It’s about love born in eyes
And entrenched deep in heart
Which sweeps thro’ the hearts in history.

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