Thursday, 31 July 2014

King David


King David (1005 – 965 BC) sent his army to wage war against the Ammonities, a tribe from a region east of the Dead Sea and he stayed behind in Jerusalem for wooing Bathsheeba. Against the backdrop of the war, the following scene takes place.

Bathsheeba, my dear mirror,
Don’t singe the heart with thy sunny locks
Call the moon to caress the burnt soul
Oh, ‘no’ to the magic in thy lips
Is it fair to hypnotise with thy look?
See, how I float in water very light
Hark! Flying high like a lark
It ‘s ‘maya’, they say
To catch a fish with a hook
No more rage or bitterness
When will thou shed thy skin?
And let me see thy colour
A trance, in deed, that nothing can penetrate
Why do thou cast a glance at?
See, how the lips lost control and sing
A war, a war, a war
Come hither to wage a war!
In my heart with thy eyes
Neither a king nor a husband
A friend to call thee
A mural on the wall
Or a sculpture on the mall
An everlasting symbol
To live long in the hearts
Of all in the annals of history

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