Sunday, 3 August 2014

To Ms. Thisbe

Fingers run thro’ nerves
To know of love in thy pulse
Pyramus, they chant in full
Come and talk on thy side
Thro’ a crevice in the wall
Stumbling blocks on the way warn:
Not to grumble and crawl
Love doth have the wonder
To chisel and throw with one go
Verbal volleys ‘re flown everywhere –
Teach thy ears not to bend,
What a crime, they see, in exchanging eyes?
Uf! How a dispute is playing havoc!
Finding fault with the locked souls
Hark! How they turn red-faced
Hearing us talk this way,
Meet and greet by a Mulberry tree
Before the sunset and the Moonrise,
Near the tomb of king Ninus
Outside the city gates, where
Thou start thy journey thro’
The streets of Babylon on tiptoe,
Heavily-veiled to escape the hands
For learning and exploring more on life.

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