Tuesday, 18 March 2014

To 'My Lord'

`Bingo!’ makes a call
A quick run, it’s
For a jackpot
When Tornado
Spreads her wings
To play magic
In my sky
It’s yet another
Game, where
There’s no need
For cards
Or for figurines
A clown will be
Thy name –
In other’s eyes
To go along
With the soldiers
For cordoning
Off the fort,
With all your
Troops to declare
Or to pass a decree
All you need
To do is,
Just a smile
And of course
A friendly nod,
It’s yet another
Game, where
Emotions play
A part, in which
Merry be thy news,
When a real life
Drama goes
On stage, when
Others go crazy
With the story…..

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