Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ode to a Child

Oh, baby! ‘T is a surprise
That with a cry, ye call me: nice,
Ages may steal thy innocence
‘T will be due to a bitter experience
Ah! A chance indeed to pursue
When ye screw up face for a strange few
Why ye keep thy fingers so closed
Nobody knows the fact yet to disclose
No stage or a role, yet we fall into a torpor
‘Lo!’, ‘Tis a babble and smile for God’s murmur

Oh, baby! How ye find thou mom
And hide thy face in the crook of her arm
Why ye chew the corner of her saree
Till it becomes torn to make us feel sorry
Try and try: ‘Tis not time to say bye
Crawl and fall, O, baby don’t feel shy
Call thy mom to start
‘Tis a turn for all to take part
Fight, Fight! Till ye fly thy kite
‘Nev’r give up’, for ‘tis thy right.

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