Monday, 28 April 2014

Epistle to Mr. Adam

Tut-tut, ‘Tis raining out
My pulses racing to peep thro’ the door
Oh sir, why ye have a doubt
All b’ause of Eve’s anxiety to explore
Come hell or high water
‘Tis our duty to mint, they say
Pay the price for being a daughter
If not, go out; there’s no way
‘Dumb to watch when money speaks’
‘Let the emotions stand mute to barter’;
Curse thy coat and don’t seek
In order to win the badge of honour
No dearth of talking snakes
Slithering everywhere to entice
‘No more gullible’, my heart aches
‘To win or to lose’ in a game of dice
Sir, if ye were not so meek to accept
If Eve were not dared to disobey
We never fight in Eden and expect
A new world order to give way.

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