Sunday, 19 January 2014

In Drag

Uh! No control on my shaking legs to the drums,
The bangles of my new wife chime to distract
The rhyming anklets does accord with toe-ring’s music
A gravitational pull, I’ve to preen me in the mirror
It’s time to check my kajal smudged eyes and lipstick
Do the T-shirt and jeans play a jealous spoilsport?
Look at the saree-clad glam dolls and the earrings
Let me help die down my voice suggesting fripperies.

A dejected mute spectator, I’m
Uf, I feel fettered all around
An affected accent to impress,
A carefully premeditated gesture and posture
‘Mustache and stubble’ to mock the world
A clinically detached hubby’s role on earth
All the world’s a stage, Shakespeare says,

Am I right or wrong I know not.

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